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By the end of this year-long course students will:

Course description

This course focuses on improving students’ thinking, signing, reading, and writing skills. Students will explore various texts and concepts through Indian Sign Language, reading, and writing. Students will learn strategies for reading, examining the skills that good readers use before, during, and after they read. Writing skills will be developed so that students are capable of utilizing all steps of the writing process and increase their understanding of English writing conventions. Anti-bias education forms the focus of this curriculum. The Social Justice Standards are used as a road map for an anti-bias education that recognizes that in today’s diverse online classrooms, students need knowledge and skills related to both prejudice reduction and collective action. Over the course of a year, students will become independent readers and writers using graphic novels and Young Adult literature.

Sorry, we are not accepting any new applications for October. Please watch this space to apply for our classes in November.


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