Join Our Tutor Center to Support Deaf Students in CBSE Schools


At ISL Connect, we recognize the challenges faced by Deaf students in CBSE schools across India. Sadly, approximately 90% of these schools lack accessibility features for Deaf students, such as ISL interpreters or other accommodations. Moreover, the scarcity of tutors proficient in Indian Sign Language (ISL) further exacerbates the situation.

In response to this pressing need, ISL Connect has launched a Tutor Center dedicated to supporting Deaf students in understanding their coursework, boosting their confidence in school, and achieving better grades. While we are just beginning, our commitment is unwavering, and we aspire to grow significantly in the future.

Currently, our tutor center offers assistance for 7th Class CBSE subjects, including:

The English Coach

Practical application of English language skills in real-life contexts, including grammar, vocabulary, and communication strategies.

English Grammar & Composition

Comprehensive support in language skills development, reading comprehension, and writing proficiency.

Social Science

In-depth understanding of history, geography, civics, and economics, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.

Interactive Science

Exploration of fundamental scientific concepts and problem-solving techniques to ignite curiosity and interest in the sciences.

Our tutors are proficient in ISL and these subject areas and are dedicated to ensuring that Deaf students comprehend their subjects fully. We believe that every student deserves equal access to education and strive to make that a reality.

Why Choose ISL Connect Tutor Center?

Full accessibility with Indian Sign Language (ISL)
Tailored support to enhance understanding and confidence
Experienced tutors committed to student success
Opportunity for ongoing career counseling from Deaf professionals

Your child’s journey towards academic excellence starts here! Let's bridge the gap and empower Deaf students to thrive in their educational pursuits together.