Asha Shaji Abraham



“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

—Helen Keller

Asha Shaji Abraham has worked as an administrator and language support teacher at ISL Connect since January 2022. Born Deaf, Asha began her education at a school for Deaf students where lip-reading was the primary mode of instruction. She transitioned to a hearing “normal” school and college thereafter. In 2021, Asha began learning basic Indian Sign Language (ISL), gradually improving through regular communication with the deaf community and ISL Connect students. She has come to realize the value of Deaf culture, that ISL is a beautiful language that conveys rich, nuanced meaning. 

Asha holds a degree in commerce, and is passionate about supporting deaf students in enhancing their English skills by providing direct feedback. She enjoys helping students learn to work together a team as well. In addition to her role at ISL Connect, she runs Le Ash, a small baking business specializing in chocolates and brownies. Asha enjoys watching thriller, crime, and suspense movies, as well as reading and traveling in her free time.