Nazeeba K

Administrative Assistant


“Never Give Up & Believe in Yourself”

Nazeeba K, has worked administrative assistant at ISL connect. She lost her hearing at age 6, and attended a special school for the deaf beginning at age 12. Learning sign language opened many, many doors for her and gave her more opportunities to learn. She has participated in youth camps, organized programs for women, and in 2016 founded the Deaf Woman’s Forum Kerala, serving as its first General Secretary. She also graduated with a 1st Rank in BSc Computer Science in 2015 and has pursued teaching. With a P.G in MA English, she worked as a lecturer for seven years.

She believes in the potential of women and strive to empower deaf women in all areas of society. She has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by deaf children and believe in their abilities. She wants to see a society where everyone can flourish and thrive.